4 Powerful Steps to Receiving More in Life

Decide what it is that you want – first step – right? I`d like to play the `devil`s advocate` by saying `WRONG`! What – aren`t we taught that with the Law of Attraction you need to decide what it is that you want, and then affirm this? Yes, but when you really think about it, deciding what it is that you want with affirmations stating “I want x, y or z” will bring you just this. You will continue to want and have challenges manifesting – because your emphasis is on the word want – which indicates lack, that you haven’t as yet received this, and so continue to need to ask! And of course, we all pity the person who is always seems to be in want, having so little – very subtle my feminine friends!

So what might be a good word to substitute to express this? Certainly, decide what it is you would like to manifest in your life – your heart`s truest desires – and then write these down, or place them visually on your vision board, not as `what I want`, but `what I intend to manifest`. Which of these two statements is more powerful? You wouldn`t need to be Einstein to see the difference!

Once you have decided your intention, do you usually have it firmly in mind, keep affirming this, but keep it to yourself `just in case it doesn`t work`, or you feel foolish or friends might laugh at you? Ahh yes – been there, done that! So how is the Universe to know? How are friends to know so that they might be able to introduce you, make connections, hear of a job opportunity – let alone the powerful `web of life` that transpires to bring this together for the good of all concerned?

So don`t keep this a secret, as challenging as this might be – at least WRITE IT DOWN/ VISION BOARD it, TELL your best friend, Face Book it – whatever way you like sharing – just get it out there!

And so – in the past you have decided what you wanted, kept it firmly in mind, affirmed this, and waited to see what happened`? Or alternatively, took sole control and worked your butt off, assuming that `if it`s to be it`s up to me`? Been there, done that too – for most of my life! Ah but freedom comes in the end to most who are `imprisoned` for a time! So, what`s the alternative? Subtle, because it sounds similar….

Once you have your intention to manifest, written it down, told the Universe, Life, your friends or colleagues – then you need to TAKE ACTION to start this manifestation process. Life needs to know that you are SERIOUS in your intentions – so take action of some sort, just to start this process to show the universe that you are not just expecting Life to dump your desires into your lap without any effort on your part – the Universe as we have all discovered as adults, does not work like Santa Claus did for us as children!

But you may rightly say – that`s what I`ve been doing – if it`s to be it`s up to me! Yes, that`s certainly taking action – but without recognition of the fourth, hugely powerful step in this process – expecting and allowing Life `a look in`! If we believe it`s all up to us, we will NOT be expecting `serendipitous` things to happen, amazing connections to be made, lovely `coincidences` or people happening to us! Instead we will be like an orchestra conductor, controlling the whole of our lives to bring this part or that part in, trying to make things happen to achieve the `harmony` of what we want – and can exhaust and dispirit ourselves in this process!

I`d like to acknowledge now the amazing Lindy Chen, of China Direct Sourcing, for the wonderful illustration she made to explain this in the Small Business Mentoring course I undertook with her: When you go into a restaurant with friends and place your order, you turn back to enjoy a drink and catch up with them – you do NOT follow the waiter into the kitchen to ensure that the chef cooks your order! You just know it`s coming – allowing you to get on with the rest of your life! This step takes both intellectual faith, and the action of trust. It`s a simple decision to trust this process and act on it! Decide that this is the way Life works, and expect that once you follow these four steps, you will be in the delightful position to RECEIVE!

STEP 1: Decide on your heart`s desires, and state your intention to manifest


STEP 2: Tell the Universe/ write it down/ share with friends and colleaguesOne woman whispering to another (with surprised look)

STEP 3: Take action – start the process

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STEP 4: Expect and allow Life time to work it`s magic, and enjoy the results1Inspired-prayerful hands outstretched

This is a wonderful process of “FLOW” for WOMEN. Decide you are the flowers of life, attracting the bees to work on your behalf – you are NOT the bees frantically going from flower to flower in order to achieve!

This is the way we as women can understand and utilise our magnetic feminine energy to attract, and therefore receive, more into our lives!

Decide for yourself if this process works – experiment.. Enjoy more of Life`s magic as you receive the flow of more abundance!

Beverley Rilatt-Richardson

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