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What exactly is a ‘feminine focused’ lifestyle – and WHY as women do we need this? Please tick


Are you a woman of passion, purpose, and desire for prosperity?  Do you work, or have your own business?

Do you self-nurture to glow with health and vibrancy?

Do you recognise that feminine energy has a magnetic radiance and attraction that can draw people and opportunities to you?

Do you acknowledge and honour the sensual ‘goddess’ within you?

Then if you can tick all the boxes, congratulations – you are already living a feminine focused lifestyle!

You see, we’re talking here about the desire of women to want to ‘DO it all’, in order to ‘HAVE it all’ as our Consumer society demands…. As the businesswoman or working mum, to contribute economically to the household/ show your ‘domestic goddess’ side and organise your home & kids so they don’t run wild/ feed them nutritious foods & be the family chauffer on weekends/ and turn into a ‘femme fatale’ on date nights with your partner –  that’s if you have a partner, or can organise this! I can almost hear you laughing, if you’re not wanting to cry…

So women are constantly ‘on the go’ living somewhat crazy lifestyles, constantly pushing (almost in ‘manpower’ mode) to achieve it all, but finding themselves on the ‘stress express’ and falling exhausted into bed – that’s if they’re not vegged out in front of the telly, or hiding away on Facebook! The challenge for most of us is while we have equality with men, we do NOT have their levels of testosterone, which gives men their (sexual) drive and focus, fuels their ambitions, and gives them more laser focus… So we multi-task and push ourselves instead into overdrive, deplete our energy (and often our adrenals) and end up stressed out, exhausted and often overwhelmed… who can get us off this ‘crazy-go-round’?

Stop the merry go roundAnd what happens to our relationship with that partner we fell in love with? Are there money arguments/ you being involved in so many things/ or him staying late at work? Do you end up passing like ships in the night, your dreams shattered and often feeling unloved, unable to break the cycle of the crazy, economic fuelled lifestyle that modern society continues to push on us…. and run the risk of your health and emotions being shot, or even burned out. What can get us off this ‘crazy-go-round’?

WE can, if we understand the subtlety of what we are up against, and deliberately give ourselves the time to examine what we are doing to our health, our relationships, our kids, our lifestyle? I once heard someone explain that the problem with the world is that our ubiquitous Consumer Society convinces us we need to go out and earn the money to buy the products we don’t really need to impress those people we often don’t really like! And many still feel so guilty they want to share ‘presents’ with their kids, to compensate for their ‘non-presence’ in their lives…

This begs the question – how regularly do we really look at our values and priorities, and pause to consider what’s really  IMPORTANT to us?

And secondly – what about YOU yourself, with your beautiful, sensual body – often racked with hormones ‘out of whack’ because of the stressed out lifestyle you may be living? When was the last time you were pampered (apart from your last visit to the hairdressers)? Do you allocate money for regular massages, knowing this can be totally justified on the ‘inner nurturing’ scale for the energy and peace of mind it provides?

Do you give yourself bath nights with candles, beautiful essential oils and a glass of bubbly? When was the last time you got up and moved your body (apart from walking round the block)? Do you dance regularly? Even Belly dance? Or go bushwalking or swimming? Enjoy time out with girlfriends? When was the last time you had a ‘hot date night’ with the man you fell in love with? Do you have more ‘feminine’ activities you enjoy? Do you spend time in the garden, enjoying the sights & sounds, and scrabbling around in the earth, being very grounded?! In other words, how important is your body to you – or are you indeed more of a ‘walking head’ who only considers her body to be the showcase for her mind? (In my own case, for many, many years – guilty as charged, your Honour!)

And do you really understand about the power of  feminine energy to magnetise and attract? You have the capacity to attract more clients and opportunities when using more of your ‘yin’ (feminine) radiant energy, as well as the usual business planning – this is yet another reason to consider switching to develop a more feminine focused lifestyle – because this can counter the constant pushing of the more masculine driven side of ourselves…

So – welcome to your feminine, more laidback lifestyle!

And when it comes to our ‘other half’, or the one we may still long to meet? Are you aware of how powerful it is when you understand the concept of Sexual Polarity? You don’t need to have even heard of this term to understand what this means – any ‘Rom Com’ movie (i.e. romantic comedy) will show you how important building up sexual tension is! That’s why we love falling in love! :o) But what about when we’ve been together a number of years? How can we keep the flame – even the spark – of sexual passion alive and kicking?!11610351-one-caucasian-lovers-couple-man-and-woman-hugging

By learning to understand and work with what I term the Male/Female Polarity ‘Dance’… learning how to transition from the everyday working world into that ‘couple’ world where we long to have our man take the initiative, ‘woo’ us and adore us like the goddess we are at heart! But both need to understand more of how this sexual tension can be nurtured to develop and maintain more delicious relationships!

Welcome to another ‘fabulicious’ reason to develop your feminine, more laid back lifestyle!

These are ony a few of the reasons to challenge your own thinking and mindset around lifestyle! And finally – can you really late to FEELING more feminine? As well as BEING more feminine? Regrettably in our more masculinised industrialised society, with women needing to be solo parents, many women have shared with me that they feel too masculine – and long to feel more like a feminine woman with her own radiant glow, in order to attract that masculine more conscious man their hearts yearn for….

So – are you now more seriously considering changing to a more feminine focused lifestyle?  FABULOUS!  Then click here for more details of our wonderful 5 week series:




Original photoThe Director is Beverley Rilatt-Richardson, Accd.Hum.Rels (Lond. UK). Beverley is also a Graduate of the Yin Project (2011) in Feminine Spirituality & Development, and the Art of Feminine Presence. Heart of the Feminine is based on the Redcliffe Peninsula, where classes in the practices of the Art of Feminine Presence and workshops and webinars on the Male/Female Polarity Dance take place.However if you find that feelings of guilt, fear, shame or grief are blocking  your desire to move forward towards that more feminine and sensual you, then you are welcome to contact Beverley to explore your issues in the privacy of your own home, over Skype, with an initial complimentary 30 min session – because you are both unique and important….

 To contact Beverley, call M: 0403 336 104

The Story of our Logo….


Can you see a heart within a female pelvis, made by gorgeous red heels? Then congrats!  This demonstrates the ‘heart’ of our potent embodiment practice focusing on ‘wombspace’.

Hint:  Turn our logo sideways to see the clever design!

This design is by local artist Sarah Coveney, who was born in Christchurch, NZ and has a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Auckland University of Technology, graduating in 1997. She also won the Ida Eise Portrait Award in 1999….

Sarah then immigrated to Australia 2004, and has been a member of the Carte Blanche Art Collective since 2012.  This group is also the Artist in Residence at the Redcliffe State High School!

Sarah then exhibited her work at the Redcliffe Art Gallery in 2015 with Cover Story, where it was viewed by Beverley – who immediately fell in love with the concept and saw immediately the more `edgy` logo she had been seeking!  She then tracked down the artist, but was somewhat hesitant to ask if she could purchase not the beautiful photo mounted on the wall, but instead  the jpeg to use as her new logo!MARILYN

She needn’t have worried, as the Universe had brought them together.  Beverley was astonished when Sarah shared she had poured her creative longing for the feminine into her art.  Sarah was therefore delighted when it became clear her art was destined to be the logo for a business entitled “Heart of the Feminine”!

(Sarah doing her creative and glamorous ‘Marilyn’ Photo Shoot)!


 Are you looking for a powerful speaker for your Group?


Beverley is an entertaining but thought provoking speaker who delivers interactive and humorous presentations on the differences between the brains and communication styles of men & women, in order to promote more healthy interaction and intimacy!

In July 2015 Beverley was a Guest Speaker at the inaugural Women in Business Expo held at the Redcliffe Hive under the auspices of the Moreton Bay Regional Council.  She has previously addressed a Women’s Community Group on Bribie Island, and in 2013 was privileged to be interviewed by Chris McKee of the “BE” Institute for her podcasting program. In Sept Beverley was  the Guest Speaker at the Brisbane Branch of the ‘Business in Heels’ Global Networking Group, addressing their fabulous female solopreneurs on the role of the feminine in business!

Contact Beverley M: 0403 336 104