Q. Isn`t the Feminine ‘weak’ and a ‘pushover’ ?

This misconception comes regrettably from the experience of many women that simply being in a woman’s body may not feel safe, because of past abuse – so they understandably wish to remain strong and stand up for themselves, and rightly so. The paradox however is that when a woman develops and is then able to stand in her own ‘feminine` power, she is strong and draws respect from others. This means she can relax more and no longer be on the defensive by taking on a more ‘masculine persona’, which in the past has been primarily an unconscious way of guarding her heart from previous hurt.

Q. Are you a Femininst? What`s the difference between femininst and feminine anyway?

What a great question! A Feminist believes in the advocacy of women’s social, political, and economic rights, especially with regard to equality of the sexes – and rightly so! The feminine essence within a woman enables her to access her intuition, empathy and presence – and much more! A woman who embraces her own feminine, softer and more sensual side can surrender to the masculine in a loving relationship where sexual polarity is understood and embraced by both. This in turn helps her partner to step up and take the initiative in their relationship, enabling her to be treated like the goddess she is at heart!

Q. Isn`t the feminine just about looking a knockout and wearing stilettos? I can look feminine with a new dress and hairstyle – isn’t that enough?

I wish! :o) It would be easy to tell women all they needed to do was to spend time at the hairdressers and beauty salons, and wear great clothing and shoes! And don’t we all love doing this! However being feminine is much more than simply striving to look a knockout! It’s about discovering our own inner feminine essence and charisma that brings such inner confidence and self esteem that we want to express this by the way we look, as a reflection of the way we already feel… It’s subtle, because many women do want to feel and look more feminine – but believe they need to do so from the ‘outside’ to feel better internally.

At the Heart of the Feminine we want to turn this on its head, because we truly believe that becoming more feminine comes from understanding and experiencing this more inner transformation first – and then that’s not only expressed in fabulous ways externally – but also in the way a woman moves, and sounds, as well as the way she looks and feels – and the way she relates to the man in her life, or the one she wishes to attract!

Q. This Goddess bit – are you religious?
happy coupleAnother great question!  No – this is based on the belief that the feminine principle in running around after other people providing care and nurture – which comes so naturally to women – can result in decreased energy and sense of wellbeing when this results in a woman neglecting herself. The result can be a growing sense of resentment for being taken for granted and expected to do everything… And yet a woman is the ‘light’ in the darkness of society.. She provides the softness and warmth that men crave – and she in turn needs the strength of the masculine in times of emotional trauma. So yes, a woman needs to understand and allow herself to be treated like a ‘goddess’ and adored by the man in her life….This concept is spiritual therefore, but not religious

Q. If I don’t do some of the things my partner should be doing, they`d never get done – what’s wrong with that?

Nothing of course – unless you want to keep doing it over and over?! Or end up having to ‘nag’ to get it done? But none of us want to do this! So clear roles, with ‘boundaries’ around what you are prepared to accept, or not accept, can assist. And this can come from feeling that inner confidence that helps you to stand in your ‘feminine power’. In addition, women can end up doing so much for a man that it can seem as though she’s acting like his mother – and he will usually resent this! Or she can end up ‘wearing the pants’ and emasculate her man – to the detriment of their relationship. Sometimes therefore a woman needs to refrain from taking some action, and encourage her guy instead to take the initiative and make the decision to step up into his more masculine role. And that may take patience in the short term – but be much more satisfactory over a longer period.

Q. How can you be feminine at work?

If you mean prance around in stilettos – no, you usually can`t! However you can learn to be authentic, within the guidelines of your business or industry. Be yourself as a woman, ‘feminise’ your work environment with photos of your kids, or put in pot plants or flowers if appropriate.  Women can be in and lead teams by encouraging cooperation and collaboration between work colleagues, thereby becoming the ‘Influencer’ rather than the ‘Authority’ figure making demands (a masculine trait).

Q. Sometimes I feel a bit ‘masculine’ – is that ‘normal’?          



Yes – regrettably! We live in such an ecoomically rational and masculinised society, where everyone is treated as a consumer and encouraged to compete – and where women often need to be the sole breadwinner. These twin roles of working mother and sole parent can lead to women needing to rely so much more on their more masculine traits of being productive, goal oriented and successful.

Whilst these traits are admirable, if she doesn’t find the balance within herself to find time to simply ‘be’ and enjoy ‘time out’ with girlfriends, or self nurturing activities such as having a massage, walking on a beach, or an intimate date, she will not be feeding her more feminine soul. When a woman can honour her feminine essence and energy, and allow time for this to be understood, developed and then expressed, she will experience more joy and fulfilment in being in her feminine body….

Q.  I realise you honour women with your work – but what about the men?

As much as I honour the feminine principle in society, I also honour the masculine, and encourage and teach women how to develop their internal feminine essence and energy, in order to draw out the more strong and supportive masculine in their partners!

These are just a few of the questions women think about.

Do you have any you would like to ask? Please feel free to submit any questions you may have and we`ll put them here (and they can certainly be anonymous). We will also reply personally to you as well.  



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