The Heart of the Feminine is proud to offer two new services:

`Sensual Seed` Intuitive Insight Sessions


For the Sensual Woman Within

Explore your Inner Beauty, Passion and Sensuality! 

Go from where you are – to where you want to be…

These Oracle Cards have been developed by women for women, so you can discover the Real and Sensual You in whatever Life is presenting to you in all of its complexity…

Life can unfold when you learn to let go. Receive more clarity and peace of mind from yur Sensual Seed Oracale Card Intuitive Insight Session at your favourite Cafe.

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To book your Intuitive Insight Session, ph Beverley on M:0403336104.




Be an Extraordinary Woman:

Touch the Goddess Within 

Are you already an empowered woman who longs to become an Extraordinary Woman? Open-hearted, vibrant, radiant, sensual, self-nurturing, intuitive and adored by her partner, or the one she wishes to attract?

But in fact your reality may be that you’ve almost reached breaking point by being constantly on the go, finding little to zero time for yourself and your own needs, because of constantly caring or looking out for others?  And when was the last time you were pampered? 

Women are becoming more conscious of their need to honour the feminine and more sensual parts of their natures – their inner goddess – which has been increasingly silenced by the clamour of this masculinised and rushed world we all inhabit…..

However this extraordinary woman needs time to unfold and unfurl her sheer radiant beauty, her vitality and sensuality.  In a world where so many are  ‘time poor’, what’s a girl to do?  Simply consider a unique Extraordinary Woman `Inner Goddess`  Consultation Package!

These consultations are available to any woman who wishes to explore this inner feminine and more sensual goddess, with her transformational expression and energy.

Just be aware of the ‘side effects’ – which could be the development of a more delicious relationship with your intimate partner – or the ability to attract such a relationship!

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