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Tamara shares her experience of the Relax into the Feminine Day Retreat at Calma Yoga Pullenvale with Art of Feminine Presence teacher Beverley Rilatt-Richardson. Lots of feminine essence, energy, laughter, and “ah hah” moments shared! Also included was sound healing with Reiki practitioner and sound healer Olivier Maxted – singing bowls, drums and didgeridoo.


Megan shares her feminine experience at a Relax into the Feminine Day Retreat at Calma Yoga Pullenvale with Art of Feminine Presence teacher Beverley Rilatt-Richardson embodiment practices


Beverley Testimonial

I’m one of the lucky people that took part in a 5 week heart circle class, which was facilitated by Beverley. It was an enlightening course, I found it to be very powerful with lots of useful exercises which can be used in every day life. Beverley is such a feminine woman, she is the perfect person to teach the art of activating feminine essence. Thank you Beverley for being a compassionate teacher, I really appreciate your authenticity, and the way you are there to help. If you are thinking about doing the course, go for it, I thoroughly recommend it.

With love, hugs and light! Caroline Gould.



One beautiful woman`s reflections on the feminine and fabulous results she achieved at an Art of Feminine Presence Day Retreat, and the passion and flame which can come from understanding the invitational energy of the feminine. Debourah shares her heart – See Below…


Aldona tells how she got to know herself so much more, and felt like a new person by the end of the Day Retreat! She shares how easy these embodiment practices are – so simple they can be practised at home!



Hi Beverley

TessaI went to Beverley’s Feminine and Powerful Workshop not knowing what to expect. I went along as I liked Beverley. To say I was blown away is an understatement. Beverley gave us some very simple exercises to do and the results were immediate and were very powerful (and feminine). It was the “immediate” results that took me totally by surprise. I highly recommend attending this workshop.”

EXPECT Your Dreams! Tessa Stowe


1KerrieSauders150“I would highly recommend this training for any woman really….there is so much you can learn on many different levels and you couldn`t want for a better teacher. Beverley is an amazingly warm, intelligent and wonderful teacher at this Art of Feminine Presence, so I couldn`t recommend it more highly.”

Kerrie Saunders


Clare enthusiastically shares her results from an Art of Feminine Presence Course about learning how to trust, becoming a more powerful woman through her femininity, and how the changes she saw in both herself and others “blew her mind”.



I`d just like to thank Beverley for the course she ran today on the Art of Feminine Presence. It`s been absolutely wonderful and a revelation to me! I have a lot of feminine energy I can now empower within myself and take forward into my life, both the business that I`m wanting to create and the contracting work that I do. It`s a wonderful feeling to feel empowered and not masculine, or having to become a masculine person to compete in the intensive world of networking and IT that I do as well. So thankyou very much Beverley, and I would recommend anyone to come along and enjoy the day!”



I`ve just finished doing an absolutely wonderful workshop – the Art of Feminine Presence Day Intensive. It was the first time I`d been involved and I would like to voice my gratitude to Beverley and everyone else who was here because I had a lot of insight into finding things out about myself and a lot of ah hah moments! I wasn`t actually sure why I came here but I found a lot of answers by the end of the day regarding communication. I thought I was communicating the way I wanted to with my daughter but in the end realised I wasn`t actually communicating in a feminine way, even though I believed I was very feminine! I actually did have a masculine side when communicating things so it was very informative. I highly recommend Beverley and these Days to anyone, even if they think they`re feminine enough because there`s so much room for improvement and knowledge and learning in our lives today

Thankyou!” Rebecca


I really enjoyed the course today with Beverley and Debourah! The class was about Feminine presentation and intensity. I learned a lot about myself today, and learned some new tools to use on my journey through life. I`d just like to thank Beverley – she was wonderful!” Glenys


“I`ve just completed the Art if Feminine Presence Course for the second time with Beverley, and believe me I`ve come ahead in leaps and bounds, learning about all the different types of energy we have. In this format it really does open your eyes… It`s helped me and I`m sure that if you have been put on this site you`re meant to be here so give it a whirl! Thanks Beverley!”

Colleen Verhaaren


Art of Feminine Presence Testimonial